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نحن نعمل على تطوير محرر المواضيع ليشمل خصائص أفضل ومميزات أجمل . خبر

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صف الإنجليزية تعلم اللغة الإنكليزية الجميلة

مواضيع مختارة
صفة صوم النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم
أنا اليومـ مسويهـ يلسهـ إماراتيهـ...
مدر°سـ°ـة الأنميـ ~ أرجو التثبيتـ ~
صور شنط جنان للبنات
خاروف حامي
كاميرا تكشف ما تحت الملابس::تجربة عملية موضحة
دعاء إذا دعوته تمضي سنه ولا تستطيع الملائكة ا
سبحان الله .... شاهد الخط الفاصل بين الليل وا

يتم التحميل...
نتمنى لكم قضاء أمتع الأوقات في صندوق المحادثات

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قديم 16 - 09 - 2008, 00:18   #1
الصورة الرمزية ريلينا
رقم العضوية : 11139
الإنضمام : 23 - 09 - 2007
المشاركات : 2,832
النقاط : 965
قوة التقييم : 258
الإقامة : hometown...
آخر تواجد:  01 - 01 - 2012

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آخر المواضيع
افتراضي كلام في النظافه بس بالانجليزي

Cleaning Cleaning is an essential part of the life of the Muslim religion because some things not only on upright cleaner body and clothing, place 0-1 therefore is responsible for the cleanliness of his body, home and street, the year in which his home and neighborhood inhabited by his school and learn the science useful 0-1 and health hygiene closely linked closely, keeps him in any way ofconditions From this perspective, one must be careful all the cleaning because it is a manifestation of progress and prosperity in the known ((cleanliness of the faith)) to each member of this community to work on the cleanliness of everything that goes on around 0 In order to emphasize the interest of hygiene in the life of every Muslim will be set up in a week in which the cleanliness of the place, awarenesso importance of hygiene and applicability in the home and outside, and participate in activities this week, various government agencies concerned in the State justices schools and the media such as radio, television, newspapers, 0-1, to a better environment 0

Cleaning title civilization These are some actions that would apply if we had tried to get the city clean First : at the level of individuals 1-cooperation with the cleaners to dump waste into dustbins 0 2-obligation fired remnants of the construction of sites for the so-0 3 informed the municipal premises in which there is no garbage containers 0 4-increasing awareness among individuals need to keep the environment clean 0-5 away from writing on the walls 0 6 Non-throw the prosecutionLVL from the windows of cars Second : 0at the municipal level :1-spraying insecticide containers 0 2-sensitize members of the community the importance of hygiene 0 3-inspection campaigns on the restaurants and shops to ensure cleanliness 0 4-application system of sanctions against violators of the rules of hygiene-honoring shops committed to regulations and health requirements

Hygiene has urged religious requirement of our Islamic hygiene in all of our lives have charged that the Muslim cleans subsoil diseases Calgl hearts and envy and cleans body Balawdhoe and washing, etc. Alsoak 0-1 and interested clean house and help people in that, as he used to do Allah's j and instilled in the hearts of his love of cleanliness and how it EaudhamIslam is a clean country, but make lifting harm from the road of faith, and if it is committed by his conduct achieved by faith to become hygiene angle important in his life and must be exercised in all aspects of his life 0-1 of the book of God Almighty God said (my son Adam Take Zinckm at every mosque and tired and not Acherboa Tservoa that does not love afor Msrovin)), most would say ((that God loves and who loves Altoabin Almettehrin)) and the Almighty said ((and Thiabk Ftehr)) from the kindergarten year, Abe Herrera blessings be upon him, said :Rasul Allah j ((Faith few 70th Division Vafedalha says "There is no god but God and the lowest lifting harm from the road))
Name of God, the Merciful, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Ministry of Education, Department of Education and school education

Cleaning civilized behavior

Eman saleh
ريلينا غير متصل  
رد مع اقتباس
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قديم 18 - 10 - 2008, 19:15   #2
мiss мã∂ic
الصورة الرمزية мiss мã∂ic
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الإقامة : MaR0cCo. . .
آخر تواجد:  06 - 02 - 2012

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آخر المواضيع

CENTER]Tank youu..

المشاركة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة
Cleaning Cleaning is an essential part of the life of the Muslim religion because some things not only on upright cleaner body and clothing,
Clean body and clothing is more important for you?

First clean heart



SaLuut !!

Chwuii VeeC deS maLadeS :s

Dans un BateaU

''elle étaiS une fois .. '' Point finale

мiss мã∂ic غير متصل  
رد مع اقتباس
قديم 24 - 10 - 2008, 00:00   #3
°• Wishes •°
الصورة الرمزية °• Wishes •°
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الإقامة : البــ ح ــريـטּ
النوع:  الجنس: أنثى
آخر تواجد:  13 - 08 - 2013

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آخر المواضيع

Very cool

Thank you for the subject

Tmizk and to raise this issue in the wonderful




صبــــحـــك قريــــب يا بـــحريــــن
°• Wishes •° غير متصل  
رد مع اقتباس
قديم 10 - 03 - 2010, 23:38   #4
الصورة الرمزية البتول
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الإقامة : •°o.Oأسيرة ––––•(-• الحزنO.o°•
النوع:  الجنس: أنثى
آخر تواجد:  03 - 04 - 2014

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آخر المواضيع
افتراضي رد: كلام في النظافه بس بالانجليزي




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رد مع اقتباس
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